Vegan in Moab

**UPDATED!** I added more information about City Market based on our June 2015 trip!

Vegan and heading to Moab?  There are actually quite a few cool places to check out, but there are some tips to also keep in mind.

1. Load up before heading out.

Coming from Portland, we are always sure to stock up on the things we really want, and are not 100% certain we can find in Moab.  Some of these items:

  • Soy creamer (for coffee)
  • Meat analogs
  • Earth Balance
  • Other specialty items (pancake mix, soy curls, etc)
Stocking up in Portland.

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Trail Review: Kane Creek Canyon [UTAH]

Kane Creek Canyon is a trail that was highly recommended to us by a neighbor when staying at Canyonlands Campground in Moab.

The only hard part is the climb out of the canyon, and that isn’t too bad” were the only words of hesitation.

So with reckless abandon, I hit the trail with friends Andy, Matt and Joe.

The trail follows Kane Creek Canyon road out of Moab, heading West.  The road quickly turns to dirt and descends through a really nice canyon.  The road was pretty dusty, so Matt in his JK had to drop back a bit.

Kane Creek starts out a little on the boring side. At least the scenery is amazing.

Eventually the trail appeared on the Left, across from the Kane Creek/Chicken Corners pull off.

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Trail Review: Gold Bar Rim [UTAH]

It has been a while since I have been Jeeping in Moab, so I didn’t miss a beat when selecting trails for today.  By the end of the day, Andy and I will have run three of Moab’s most iconic trails: Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, and (most of) Poison Spider.  This review covers the first trail: Gold Bar Rim.

The day started with a brisk temp and a stiff wind which kept temperatures pretty mild even though the sun was beating down on us all day.

Gemini Bridges road leading up out of Moab. Click to enlarge.

Heading ten miles North out of Moab, we turned onto the road for Gemini Bridges.  This shelf road quickly climbs for some sweet views below.  Eventually it levels off in a pretty wide canyon with some nice campsites peppered throughout.

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MANTRIP: Oregon to Moab (Days 1 & 2)

Last year my best friend Andy and I decided to take a trip somewhere.  Something kinda like the old days of riding our squeaky bikes down to the lake, but with the resources of middle-aged men.

We chose a Jeeping and camping week in Moab, and the MANTRIP was born.

Eastern Oregon.

We left home a bit late, around 1:00PM.  This is the first full distance road trip for my M416 expedition trailer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect on the highway.

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Product Review: Ace Engineering’s Lava Jacket!

Living in rural Oregon has many advantages: beautiful mountains, rainforest streams, and a lot of wildlife.  The downside?  Longer commutes and chilly mornings.

What is a doorless and topless Jeeper to do?

Previously, I would pack layers of clothing and bundle up, slowly removing layers as the temp rose.  I would start my day looking like Randy from A Christmas Story.

Many Jeepers start their summertime morning commutes just like this.
Many Jeepers start their summertime morning commutes just like this.

Enter the ACE Engineering Lava Jacket!

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