MANTRIP: Oregon to Moab (Days 1 & 2)

Last year my best friend Andy and I decided to take a trip somewhere.  Something kinda like the old days of riding our squeaky bikes down to the lake, but with the resources of middle-aged men.

We chose a Jeeping and camping week in Moab, and the MANTRIP was born.

Eastern Oregon.

We left home a bit late, around 1:00PM.  This is the first full distance road trip for my M416 expedition trailer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect on the highway.

With only a handful of stops and a beautifully tracking trailer, we made excellent time pulling into Burley, Idaho around midnight.

Calling it a night: Burley, Idaho

The next morning we left early, hoping to make good time to Moab.

Along the way we encountered snow and a tiny bit of rain in Price Canyon.

Gas stop in Salt Lake City.
Beautiful Price Canyon.
Beautiful expanses of the West.
The amazing descent into Moab is only a glimpse of what is to come.

We finally pulled into Moab around 4:00PM which gave us plenty of time to get some last minute essentials and head up to Sand Flats Recreation Area to score a camp site.

This was the first setup of the tent and the new trailer setup.

We found an amazing spot right off the Fins N’ Things trail. We backed the trailer in, cracked open some cold beers, and set up camp.

Camping off Fins N Things

Once setup, we even had a chance to run a portion of Fins N’ Things to warm up the suspension.

The view from Fins N Things

I was hoping to test out my new DJI Phantom FC40, but the Utah winds had other plans.  We were buffeted by some gnarly winds all night which made deep sleep a bit elusive.  The windchill made the beautiful fire something that would have to wait.  So we turned in early and called it a night.

Watching the sun set from the tent.

In the end, getting to Moab was easy and it was so great to be back in the motherland of Jeeping.

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