Vegan in Moab

**UPDATED!** I added more information about City Market based on our June 2015 trip!

Vegan and heading to Moab?  There are actually quite a few cool places to check out, but there are some tips to also keep in mind.

1. Load up before heading out.

Coming from Portland, we are always sure to stock up on the things we really want, and are not 100% certain we can find in Moab.  Some of these items:

  • Soy creamer (for coffee)
  • Meat analogs
  • Earth Balance
  • Other specialty items (pancake mix, soy curls, etc)
Stocking up in Portland.

2. Local places to shop

Moab has a City Market supermarket (which also happens to be the only Starbucks in town).  City Market has a decent selection of produce and staple items.  It was easy to find vegan hamburger buns and other camping needs.  They also have a pretty good selection of beers, but keep in mind they are all 3.2%.

UPDATED June 2015!  City Market has a huge selection of vegan items now!  They had the most amazing selection of Victoria Vegan pasta sauces, Daiya, Tofurkey, Gardein, and alot of meat alternatives in the frozen aisle.  I was surprised to see the Gardein Fishless Filets!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.01.11 PM

Extra bonus: The Fred Meyer rewards card works here to save on gas.

After an all-day wheeling trip, the Tofurky brat with Daiya and toppings is a home run!

Moab also has a VERY cool little health food store called Moonflower Market.  This is a great little co-op with a great selection of vegan and vegetarian supplies.  WARNING: their website uses papyrus.  Heavily.

3. Local Places to eat

Being a tourist town, Moab has a ton of places to eat.  While I enjoy the beer (try the Nut Brown!) at Moab Brewery, the only options I chose were french fries, or their pretty tasty Hummus Plate. You can buy cans to go at the full strength.

Me, enjoying hazelnut potato salad from Cornucopia Restaurant in Dublin. Click for the recipe!

While I never ate there, the Blu Pig has a commitment to vegan stuff, as proclaimed by my enthusiastic server one night when I met some friends for a drink.  The options seemed to hover around the legendary Portobello cap, and being a BBQ pit I make no promises on the potential for cross-contamination.  But give them a look and see what you think.

Probably one of the best places to go is the Love Muffin Cafe. In the mornings they have 3 or 4 vegan muffin options (get there early!) and they are pretty amazing.  Their coffee is good also, and they have soy milk.  The breakfast burrito for vegans is the Veerito and sadly the inclusion of Jalapenos in the tofu mix made it inedible for this hot food baby.  The BBQ tofu sammy is AMAZING and something I highly recommend.

The only downside to this place?  The service is slow and unfortunately SUPER unfriendly.  I never had a positive experience there, but sucked it up as vegans in Moab can’t be too choosy.

Others have told me of vegan finds at Paradox Pizza and Sabaku Sushi, so be sure to check them out too.

Andy’s amazing breakfast burritos: Potatoes, Soyrizo, garlic and Daiya.

Bottom line – bring the hard to find stuff with you and make a couple stops around town to round it all out.  We made our own meals for most of the trips we have taken to Moab.  And there is just enough variety out there to survive if you go on the pub crawl.

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