Restaurant Review: Middle Way Cafe [Anchorage]

Waaay back in the day when I used to live in Alaska, the thought of surviving as a vegan was faint.  This is, after all the place we decided to be at least vegetarian and that was hard enough.

Middleway has a ton of pre-packaged vegan goodies.

When I returned to Los Anchorage a few months ago (and as a vegan this time), I was really impressed with just how much easier it was.

I mean, the Mooses’ Tooth lets you bring your own Daiya!

One of my friends suggested I check out the Middle Way Cafe, located in a strip mall sandwiched between anchor stores REI and Title Wave Books.

I was blown away by how vegan friendly they really were.

And, of course I ate there every day for a week.

One morning for breakfast I had the Huevos Rancheros with the vegan sub for blackened tofu and vegan sour cream.  It was a great meal, but needed something.  Maybe some soyrizo?

Veganized huevos rancheros.

Another morning I raced over there in the sub zero temps for some VEGAN PANCAKES.  Yep.   They are in caps because they are awesome.   Real maple syrup, vegan butter and fruit.  A perfect normal breakfast.

Vegan Multigrain Pancakes.

They had a ton of other vegan options including a breakfast burrito and “Colours Tofu Snack” which is described on the menu as “A crunchy patty of beets, carrots, zucchinis, and leeks on a bed of home fries and ranchero sauce topped with blackened tofu, scallions and vegan sour cream.”  Never had it, but will be next on my list.

I am so happy to see a place like this in Anchorage – and the fact it was been there for so long, and that the vegan options continue to grow.

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