Product Review: Black Rifle Coffee Company

Living in the woods of Oregon, you must be proficient with a few critical things.  Make a damn good coffee, and be able to hit your target with judicious marksmanship.

So when those two things unite, it makes for an awesome product.

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A cuppa BRCC Joe while cleaning the rifles after a long day on the range.

Enter Black Rifle Coffee Company.  This small batch, veteran-owned roaster hails from Utah.  They have an awesome brand which represents the antithesis of what they call “hipster coffee.”  Which, in my opinion was becoming overly pretentious.  I want my coffee good, I want it consistent, and I want my roaster armed (not kidding, the photo below is from their website.  I love it).

Something you will NOT see at Starbucks, sadly.

My  friends and family will agree – I am a bit of a coffee snob.  Each morning starts with my ritual of a burr grinder, Italian espresso machine, and my Black Rifle Coffee mug.  I have tried many, many coffees and BRCC is what I will be sticking with.  I just placed my most recent order yesterday.

I have not tried any of their other roasts, as I am an espresso drinker. So I always opt for the AK-47 Espresso roast.  Its perfect.  Not bitter, great flavor, and a good kick in the teeth on those early Oregon Winter mornings.   I might order some other roasts for the holidays, when friends and family are visiting.

Brass and beans: The perfect combo!

In  addition to their roasts, they offer K-cups, mugs, and clothing.  I like their brand and that it stands for something new in the market.  I am a gun-toting, offroading vegan so I know what it is like to buck the trends, and these guys are doing it right.  But it isn’t just some wacky counter-culture brand, they also have some awesome products and the coffee is great.

Founded by Evan Hafer, he claims to have “started Black Rifle Coffee Company to provide a high-quality, roast-to-order, coffee to the pro 2A and veteran communities…”  Which is a cause I, and apparently many others, can get behind.  They also donate a percentage of profit to veteran groups.


So say good bye to “hipster coffee” and order some today!

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