Trail Review: Gold Bar Rim [UTAH]

It has been a while since I have been Jeeping in Moab, so I didn’t miss a beat when selecting trails for today.  By the end of the day, Andy and I will have run three of Moab’s most iconic trails: Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, and (most of) Poison Spider.  This review covers the first trail: Gold Bar Rim.

The day started with a brisk temp and a stiff wind which kept temperatures pretty mild even though the sun was beating down on us all day.

Gemini Bridges road leading up out of Moab. Click to enlarge.

Heading ten miles North out of Moab, we turned onto the road for Gemini Bridges.  This shelf road quickly climbs for some sweet views below.  Eventually it levels off in a pretty wide canyon with some nice campsites peppered throughout.

A wide open desert meadow. Click to enlarge.
The walls along the drive are amazing. Click to enlarge.

The start of Gold Bar Rim is very well marked, and with that we began that trail.

The start of Gold Bar Rim. Click to Enlarge.

The trail quickly gets down to business, with a lot of ledges, loose rock, and amazing vistas.

Frank on the rocks. Click to enlarge.

The first obstacle (locally called “Giant Ledge”) was a pretty substantial drop to the left, which did require us to get out and inspect the drop.  It was easily and cautiously run with no issues (although it looks daunting).

The first obstacle is a pretty creepy drop that doglegs to the left. Click to enlarge.
Another view of the first obstacle.

There are also a couple of cracks that can get you prepared for the ultimate challenge – the Golden Crack.

Smaller cracks prepare you for the Golden Crack. Click to Enlarge.

The trail also has a decent supply of steep ascents, at least when run in this direction.

Going up: One of GBR’s ascents. Click to enlarge.

Soon the trail will run along the rim of Gold Bar Canyon, which is pretty big and awe inspiring.

Gold Bar Canyon. Click to enlarge.

As the trail begins to reach the end (or the intersection with Golden Spike) you will encounter a series of ledges which are easily passable.

Some ledges toward the end of GBR. Click to enlarge.

Just past the junction with Golden Spike, you reach the end of Gold Bar Rim.  If you have the capability, I suggest clearing the ledge on the right, and driving around (follow the markers) to park on the diving board for some pretty awesome photos.

Frank sitting on the diving board at the end of Gold Bar Rim. Click to enlarge.

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