ADVISORY: 3.6L Pentastar Oil Assembly Explosion!

Ok, well maybe an explosion is a strong statement.

Anyway, I just had a crazy thing happen to me while changing my oil.  And, after a quick scan of the web, this is a relatively new issue now that many of the 3.6l Pentastar engines are aging.  This issue seems to only affect model years 2012-2013. 

As with all my oil changes, I left the oil filter cap off while the oil drained.  I was actually in the process of attaching the new o-ring to the cap, and pulling the new filter from the box when BANG!  The sound of a gunshot echoed in the shop.  On the floor was a long plastic piece, and a large spring rolling around.  Oil was sprayed on the fenders, under hood, and the floor.

The parts I was able to find on my floor.

Upon closer inspection, the long black tube is part of the oil filter bypass valve assembly.  It was missing the smaller spring (from inside the tube) and the valve part itself, which is typically seated at the end of this long tube.  I scoured the shop, and have not been able to find those parts.  They either bounced off the inside of my hood, and into another dimension, or will provide a nice waft of burning plastic someday.

Dirty oil is everywhere.

The internet also showed me the $200 part I needed to buy. However, on further Googling, I saw that Dorman now makes a little replacement kit $21.95 on Amazon).  Of course, Chrysler’s revenue agents would not allow an OEM kit, unless you buy the entire $200 assembly.  Video here.  Forum links here.

I ordered the replacement parts on Amazon, and will update this post once I install them on Tuesday.

**NOTE: The force this stuff came flying out of the oil filter canister could cause serious injury, especially to the face!  I think it dented the inside of my hood.  PLEASE keep your face away from the oil filter assembly, or replace it with the new filter and cap right away.

8 thoughts on “ADVISORY: 3.6L Pentastar Oil Assembly Explosion!”

  1. As you probably know by now there are two springs on this assembly, a large and a small. The link you posted is only for the small spring and plastic tip. Wondering if you found a solution for the larger spring letting loose.


  2. My 2012 did the same thing. Were you able to get the large tube to snap back in place? I can’t get it to snap back in place to stay with the spring in place.


  3. can the long cage looking tube be replaced ? i removed filter and by pass valve and small spring stayed with filter. a piece of tube was broke off but still in place along with large!!!!


    1. Same thing happened to me. But I am NOT referring to the bypass valve, I already replaced that.
      So how do you get the long tube and large spring back in properly? Do you need to compress the spring and does it snap in place? I can’t find anything online regarding the long tube and large spring but TONS of info about the small bypass valve


  4. Any updates on this situation? My center tower and large spring shot out the housing of my 2012 while the filter cap was unscrewed. I am unable to keep the tower properly seated in the housing when the large, lower spring is in place.

    It seems when the filter cap is tightened it would hold the center tower and lower spring in proper position. Thoughts? Like the OP, I am referring to the actual center tower, not the bypass relief valve.


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