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Product Install: ARB Air Manifold Kit

I decided to run the ARB V-Twin Air compressor as my air source.  This was due to a couple of factors.  Primarily, I want the ability to run air tools if needed on the trail.  Second, I wanted some fast air for my 35s. Third, if I ever end up running aftermarket ARB lockers, I wanted to have the air situation figured out.

However I mounted mine to the M.O.R.E. underhood mount.  This puts the open air receptacle right at the top of the compressor, and under the hood where the innards could be susceptible to water and dust.

So, I decided to add the manifold to the mix to fix these concerns.

Installation was simple and only needed a handful of tools.

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Product Install: M.O.R.E. Mount for ARB Dual Compressor

NOTE: This install includes the additional work for removing an aftermarket vacuum pump relocation bracket.  

I need to upgrade my air compressor, and in a major way.  I was using the Smittybilt portable, and the amount of time it took to air up four 35″ Duratracs was waaaay too long.  My wheeling friends can inflate their tires, have lunch, complete a crossword puzzle book, and read War and Peace by the time I am done.

So, a few weeks ago, I ordered the ARB CKMTA12 Twin compressor from Northridge.

Now, the question arose on where to mount this behemoth compressor.   So to answer this, I did what every self-respecting data geek would do; I made a table.

A table with considerations on mounting locations.

After weighing all the options and their pros and cons, I elected to install the compressor under the hood.  I trust ARB’s testing and figure it will survive well being so close to the firewall.  I will also be using this mostly with the hood open (tools and tires, no air lockers yet) so the cooling factor is less of a concern.

I ordered the MORE under hood bracket from Northridge.

Once it arrived, I happily skipped out to the garage to start the install, cold beer in hand.  I opened the hood, and went to lay out the bracket to ensure it would fit.  Houston, we have a problem. Continue reading Product Install: M.O.R.E. Mount for ARB Dual Compressor