Product Install: ARB Air Manifold Kit

I decided to run the ARB V-Twin Air compressor as my air source.  This was due to a couple of factors.  Primarily, I want the ability to run air tools if needed on the trail.  Second, I wanted some fast air for my 35s. Third, if I ever end up running aftermarket ARB lockers, I wanted to have the air situation figured out.

However I mounted mine to the M.O.R.E. underhood mount.  This puts the open air receptacle right at the top of the compressor, and under the hood where the innards could be susceptible to water and dust.

So, I decided to add the manifold to the mix to fix these concerns.

Installation was simple and only needed a handful of tools.

1. Replace the existing fitting with the new fitting from the manifold kit.  This connects to the top of the ARB compressor.  Do not include the braided line that connects to the manifold.

Apologies for the dirty engine bay!

2.  Mount the manifold where desired.  Disconnect the braided hose from the manifold, but keep the fitting in place.

Install the two bolts to mount the manifold.

3.  Attach the braided hose to the compressor side.  Tighten the fitting to the compressor first, hand tighten the manifold end.

4. Attach the manifold end of the braided line to the manifold. Following the steps in 3 above, tighten the nipple into the manifold, but only hand tighten the fitting on the hose.

5. Tighten the adjustment bolts on the end of the manifold tank with a 10mm socket and wrench on the other side.

6. Test the routing for the line, and adjust as needed.  Once the routing is correct, tighten up the nipple ends on the line.

Ensure your line runs freely.

7. Test all fittings and ensure they are tight.

8. Install the air adapter of your choice by removing the plug on the opposite end of the manifold tank.

Remove this plug to connect the air pump up kit adapter if you have it.

9. Verify all fittings are tight and perform a test.

Completed install.

3 thoughts on “Product Install: ARB Air Manifold Kit”

  1. I am going to new air compressor. This compressor is very noise, my wife angry about this. I want to buy compressor vary less than 60db. Do you have a lot of experience, give me your opinions?


  2. Awesome, thanks for the write-up man. I also have the ARB twin installed and plan on adding a manifold along with the solenoid down to the front Locker here shortly. Thanks again great overview.


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