Product Review: Evo RockStar Rear Skids

So, confession time.

I am one of those people that always say how “THAT is the best mod I have ever put on my rig.”  Only problem is that I often say that about many different mods.

However – if I had to truly choose a single mod that has really delivered benefits, and could possibly be one – if not the – best mod on my Jeep, I would say the Evo Rockstars are it.

The Evo Rockstars are VERY well built.

This, along with some new differential covers, were the preparatory mods I installed before my last run on the Rubicon.


  1. Price:  These are currently running $129 at Northridge. The ROI is crazy on these.
  2. Added clearance:  You will gain 1.5″- 2″ of added clearance in the rear due to the shock mounts being raised.
  3. Build: These are some seriously built skids.  Solid, thick steel with a great powder coat.


  1. Install:  The project to install these is pretty tedious, and you quickly pass the PONR (Point of No Return) when you saw off your control arm and shock mounts.
  2. Fitment:  I had a problem on the passenger side, where the “pocket” from the Rockstar seemed too narrow, and the control arm bushing would not seat fully.  I finally got it in, but the bushing felt loaded when I reinstalled.  Time will tell how the bushing held up when it’s time for a new lift.
Waaaay past the point of no return: Prepping the control arm mount area for the new skid.
After the test fitting. You may need to make multiple passes with the angle grinder to get the fit just right.

I could honestly not imagine running a trail like the Rubicon without the protection the Rockstars provide.  The price is unbeatable.  And while the install is tedious and requires some time and elbow grease, the investment is well worth it.

Before and after: DS Rockstar mounted; PS not yet installed. An additional 1.5″ is gained.

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Evo RockStar Rear Skids”

    1. Ryan – Not sure on the shock length. They are AEV tuned Bilsteins I bought used off a friend as I cratered one of the Teraflex VSS shocks that came with my lift. I am running the Teraflex 2.5″ spacer lift, and an running the bumps that came with the kit. Scott


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