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Product Review: Trasharoo

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves of people in the offroad community is the laziness.   Note that this is also a very small minority of us, but it does happen.  These people toss out beer cans, napkins, and all kinds of trash in the woods.

And, I want to pick it up when I see it.  But there is honestly nothing nastier than someone’s lunch bag or old stinky, sticky beer can from weeks ago being placed into your Jeep.

Enter the Trasharoo.

Taking the Trasharoo on a camping trip in 2013. We fit our inflatable boat in there!

The Trasharoo is a large, durable, canvas bag that is designed to be slung over the rear OUTSIDE tire on the back of the Jeep.  Emphasis on “outside” as now all the stinky, nasty trash can be kept out of the cabin. Continue reading Product Review: Trasharoo