What are your Vegan Sins?

I like to think that as a vegan, my life is totally animal-free.  But sometimes it just comes down to making the best decision at any given moment.

I will NEVER eat meat (at least not deliberately) but, sometimes I cheat on the other stuff.

Bless me, vegan world for I have sinned.  It will soon be zero days since my last confession:

  1. Leather shoes.  This is a biggie for me.  I hate ordering shoes (usually work shoes or for hiking) online, so I want to try them on.  Most shoes I see have at least a small degree of leather on them, and Portland does not have much for men’s vegan shoes and boots.
  2. Toothpaste. I just can’t bring myself to using the chamomile-agave-cornstarch hippy toothpastes.  So, I grudgingly use Crest.  Melanie always claims I am using the one that “gets rubbed in baby bunnies’ eyes.”  So that helps.
  3. Papa John’s Pizza.  I am not sure if this is an annual thing or maybe even once every two years (is that bi-annual? I always mess that shit up).  But as infrequent as that may be, something inside me just breaks and I need a cheese pizza from these ass clowns once every two years.

What are YOUR vegan sins?

Please share yours in the comments.  You’ll feel better, trust me.

7 thoughts on “What are your Vegan Sins?”

  1. Sunblock is my big sin. I like to wear SPF 120 and can’t find any vegan one aboves 50 (and even those ones have not performed well, in my experience). Also, I still buy vintage/secondhand wool.


    1. Interesting….do you mean sunblocks are not vegan from an animal testing perspective? Or do they typically contain animal products? I also bought a jacket a few years back made from recycled wool army blankets.


  2. I’m sorry to see this post on this awesome blog.It almost feels like reinforcing the typical omnivore idea that vegans are all deprived and secretly wish we could eat meat. I feel like a jerk even bringing it up, because clearly you are not “the enemy”, but it still bugs me. And it’s not that hard to find vegan toothpaste that is indistinguishable from Crest. Obviously none of us is completely free from animal ingredients because it’s impossible in this world, but please don’t present nonvegan products as more desirable or as something we just crave so much we have to cheat because our normal lifestyle is so lacking.


    1. CN – thanks so much for your comment. These discussions are the EXACT reason why I created this blog, so I really appreciate it.

      And, you have a very valid point, it just wasn’t the objective of my post.

      Sadly, I was an omni for most of my life (up until about 25). So my position on this post was to prove that as a vegan now, I still make mistakes.

      Trust me – if there was a place I could buy vegan boots and dress shoes, I would be the FIRST in line. Even Herbivore stopped selling them!

      And I will totally look around at alternative toothpastes. Do you have any recommendations?

      The Papa John’s was more a tongue in cheek thing harking back to my 25 days of being an omni. Trust me, I can sell the hell out of Daiya to my omni friends, and make a bad ass pizza.

      I love being vegan and never find it lacking Well, except for the shoes part).

      Thanks again.



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