What if I was Deserted on a Tropical Island?

When it comes to annoying questions Vegans are often pestered with, the “desert island” is probably the worst.

The question typically starts with something like this:

“So what if you were on a desert island and all there was is a cow/pig/chicken.  Would you eat it?”

And I get the allure of this question…vegans tend to be pretty militant in our commitment, so people want to test our limits.

But I want to tackle this question and put it to bed for all future vegans.

1. If there is a cow/pig/chicken on this island, what is he eating?  I mean this is a very valid question.  A lot of strong, big animals are vegan (elephants, cows, horses, etc) so clearly there is some other form of sustenance.  Follow the cow and see where he is getting his chow.

“Wait til he finds out I have a stash of Kit Kat bars under a coconut shell!”

2. I would need to decide what is more important – companionship or food.  Eating the cow would only gain me time.  And if there is no hope of being found, I would soon be back in the same boat (pun intended) a week or so later.  I mean there is no refrigeration, and the meat would quickly spoil in the tropical heat.  So a lot of meat would just be wasted.

A cow would make a good buddy.
A cow would make a good buddy.

So I would be trading companionship for a short term gain.  And, before you think I am weird about a bovine buddy, remember that Tom Hanks befriended a volleyball.

Would you rather have a volleyball or a cow as a buddy?
Would you rather have a volleyball or a cow as a buddy?

3.  Would you rather just call it a day while holding on to your morals?  I mean, if there is no chance of rescue, I would rather die knowing I stayed true to my morals and remained vegan right up to the end.

I know this is easy for me to say from my couch somewhere in Oregon, with a full kitchen.

And that is perhaps the final point.  This question is almost impossible to answer in my current situation.

So next time I am asked, I guess that is the best answer.  I just don’t know.

Are you vegan and have some crazy questions you’ve been asked?  Share ’em down in the comments!

3 thoughts on “What if I was Deserted on a Tropical Island?”

  1. I’ve never said this to anyone, but I hope to get to one day:
    If you WERENT stranded on an island, and lived in a place where you had all sorts of foods other than animals, and you could eat without causing any harm, wouldn’t you eat those things instead?
    Just flip around the question:)

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