Product Review: SpiderWebShade for JKU

There are few things in life, than a hot Summer day in a Jeep, topless, and doorless.  I swear it is the best form of therapy available. But, there are days where the thermometer is in the triples where I have been stuck in traffic and have been roasting.

But there was never a middle ground.  It was either run the top as a bikini, or run topless and roast on those peak Summer days.

The fine mesh is really well made and is available in a lot of different colors.

Enter SpiderWebShade, the middle ground.

SpiderWebShade claims to block up to 90% of the sun’s rays while also allowing enough air for the topless feeling.  While roaming around Jeep Beach, I met the crew from SWS and they hooked me up with a free shade.  Once I returned to the hot and sunny Oregon Summer, I was eager to install it.

Installation was easy and the instructions provided were clear and straightforward.  A new shade did require some sun to help soften the material and there was some strong arming here and there.

SpiderWebShade time!

First impressions were really positive.  The shade did in fact block a lot of the sun’s rays and I soon lost the signature tan line from my sunglasses – good news for the skin cancer prone that drive Jeeps.  The only downside was that I found myself actually chillier more than before.

Those sun rays also bring along heat with them, so when you block most of them you also block most of the heat.  In more humid climates, this is probably not as much of a concern.

I was super stoked to try out the 4DR JK SpiderWebShade in the oven of a Moab Summer.  So last June I installed a new blue shade and my crew rolled down 84 toward the Utah desert.

Rocking the SWS in a hot tub in Moab, Hell’s Revenge.

Just as I thought, the shade was absolutely invaluable.  As the temperatures approached 110, we were relatively comfortable running topless in the shade-free areas of Moab.  As the nights dipped the temps, the shade seemed to also reduce some of the wind associated with running a topless Jeep.

Overall, the SpiderWebShade is an essential piece of kit for any Jeeper than runs topless.  With an easy installation, I might reserve it for those wheeling trips that take us into warmer climates, and those couple of weeks of peak Summer in Oregon.

**FULL DISCLOSURE: Both shades were provided to me at no cost for the purposes of this review.  It in no way affects the outcome of my review.

5 thoughts on “Product Review: SpiderWebShade for JKU”

  1. I need something similar to this but more to keep my road trip essentials in the jeep on a topless road trip on the highway. More of a net than a web. I’ll check out the “web” site lol

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  2. Awesome! Thank for the tip! I just had a Smittybilt bumper & winch setup added to the jeep, the webbing would be a great addition too, I’ll check out your link! Thanks!

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