Product Review: Trasharoo

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves of people in the offroad community is the laziness.   Note that this is also a very small minority of us, but it does happen.  These people toss out beer cans, napkins, and all kinds of trash in the woods.

And, I want to pick it up when I see it.  But there is honestly nothing nastier than someone’s lunch bag or old stinky, sticky beer can from weeks ago being placed into your Jeep.

Enter the Trasharoo.

Taking the Trasharoo on a camping trip in 2013. We fit our inflatable boat in there!

The Trasharoo is a large, durable, canvas bag that is designed to be slung over the rear OUTSIDE tire on the back of the Jeep.  Emphasis on “outside” as now all the stinky, nasty trash can be kept out of the cabin.

Plus, picking up all the trailside garbage is easier, as the bag is always just there on the outside of the Jeep.  Drain grommets in the base of the bag ensure both draining of water and nasty fluids as well as an easy cleanup.  There are also a ton of smaller compartments and pouches to hold a variety of items.

Another bonus of the Trasharoo is that it does double duty – not only is it a trash bag, but it is a heavy hauler.  Any messy cargo you do not want to put in the cabin can be tossed into it.  Anything from firewood, bags of charcoal, vegan granola, you name it (we even rolled up our inflatable boat and put it in there)….it can be placed in the Trasharoo.  Just keep an eye on the weight rating of your tailgate before you start loading in bags of cement.  It also makes an AWESOME place to store your recovery gear – out of the elements and easy to reach.

The Trasharoo on the Rubicon Trail.

There is one nagging issue with this bag however.  There are two straps that run vertically around your spare tire.  Even though they are as tight as possible on my 35×1250, there is a lot of slack.  It is a good idea to run a bungee horizontally between these to “draw” them together and add more stability.  I assume this issue is due to the universal nature of the fit and the fact the bag can be empty or full.

The bag does not affect the opening or functioning of the tailgate.

The price of the Trasharoo is pretty reasonable for being a versatile camping/wheeling necessity.  It is available in multiple colors to pair with your trash bag motif.

Help everyone by cleaning up after the idiots before you.

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