Product Install: Genright Lock and Load Tub Rail Tie Down System

As far as installs go, this was certainly one of the easiest.  I even considered not doing an install writeup at all.  But in the end, the final product is really awesome, and I hope more people will consider this system for their JKs!

  1. Unbox the aluminum rails and the hardware bag.

2. Using a paper towel and cleaner, thoroughly wipe down the tub rim in the rear of your Jeep.


3. Lay the rail over the tub with the tie down points facing in (obviously).

4. Thread the bolt and washer through the lock and load and the tub, fastening with the nut provided.


5. Tighten.

I have not used the system yet, but so far am really impressed with the quality and the stainless steel hardware provided.  It’s a simple system that I assume will only serve we well this Summer.


I am really happy with the Genright Lock and Load Tie Down system!

**FULL DISCLOSURE: I purchased this system direct fro Genright and paid full price – $49.99 (plus shipping).

One thought on “Product Install: Genright Lock and Load Tub Rail Tie Down System”

  1. Since I first saw this product advertised, I’ve hoped somehow they’d get together with Hard Wood Workshop to integrate these tie-downs with HWW’s JK bed boards. That would be a killer combination — beautiful and functional!

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