2016 Tillamook Jeep Jamboree

Well it has happened again – a hoard of Jeeps from around the country descended upon Tillamook, Oregon for the 2nd Annual Jeep Jamboree.

I was invited to trail guide for the Archer’s Firebreak trail which coincidentally is my personal favorite in the TSF trail network.

The first day we arrived, we setup our tent trailer and camp, got vehicles checked in and evaluated, and signed up for trails.  In the evening, we had our Trail Guides & Gunners dinner at Shilo Inn.

Mark and the Jamboree staff hold a mandatory Trail Guide/Gunner meeting.

April assists a driver arriving at the Fairgrounds.
Chad conducts a vehicle evaluation to determine which trails this vehicle can safely navigate.

The second day saw the first trail day, with our team leading 10 vehicles into the Oregon forest.  While the weather was hot and dry, the mud and water at the legendary waterfall obstacle was slicker than I have ever seen it.  It took quite a few winchings (myself included) to get up.

The driver’s meeting and air down spot on Archer’s Road.
The crew navigates down the “rock garden” obstacle.
After a long, hot day we aired up at Lees Camp store where most got Tillamook Ice Cream and cold drinks.  This vegan got an Otter Pop.
The local school offered a car wash fundraiser to raise money for their Washington D.C. trip next year.

Later that evening, we all headed to the beach at Tierra Del Mar for a group photo.  I launched the drone and got some pretty awesome shots of a portion of the overall Jeep count.  Most people were out shopping and having dinner.

About half the total Jeeps lined up on the beach.

The third day was a much easier climb up waterfall and all other obstacles went relatively unscathed.

A participant scales the V-Notch on Archer’s firebreak.
Robert coaches a Jeep driver up Waterfall.
A participant from Colorado drives down another section of Waterfall.
A group photo from Day 2.

I even got to wheel with Kenny Rogers!

(well, not really).

In the end, we had over 100 vehicles and 200 participants.  It was a fantastic weekend with the sweltering heat staying much farther East.

I am really looking forward to next year’s Jamboree!

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