Product Review: KC HiLites Gravity PRO LED Headlights

We all know the stock JK headlights are an embarrassment.  So one of the first things I did was replace them with the infamous (and oft used) Trucklite LED headlights.  But as the technology has improved in the space, I never thought to see what else might be on the market, or what the improvements could be.

So I called Northridge 4×4 and ordered a pair of the KC HiLites Gravity PRO LED headlights for JK.  See my unboxing here.

Of course, install was a breeze.  After removing the grille and Trucklites, I easily replaced the headlights.

One of the first things I noticed, is that the delay between high and low beam is a lot shorter than with the harnesses and Trucklites.  I would often get flashed by oncoming traffic as the extra electricity in the system was burned, before the low beams came on.  So that is nice – no more being flashed by impatient drivers.


The second thing I noticed is that these give off a really bright, crisp white light with a VERY pronounced cutoff.  Which, when driving the dark roads of Oregon’s mountains, I appreciate. You really need to see these lights to appreciate it.


But there is also a “purple fringing” you will notice on street signs and other things as you drive.  It isn’t really an issue at all, but something that is noticeable.  I assume it is due to the massive LED lens casting some different light on reflective surfaces.


I also like the new look on the front of the Jeep. The Trucklites seem old hat – virtually everyone has them now.  These huge and highly reflective silver reflectors really brighten up the front end of my Jeep, and give it more of the stock look.  Design-wise I can’t help but see flowers (the LED looks like the center of a black-eyed Susan with petals fanning out), but overall they look really nice and offer something unique.


How about snow?  Well I drove during one of the worst blizzards in the last few years and had ZERO issues with icing.  I did not wax them or anything. These do not have heating elements like the new Trucklites, but I don’t think they need them.  I didn’t check with a thermometer, but I feel like they do give off a little heat.  But again, no issues at all in the snow for me.


The only real issue I have is radio interference.  On certain radio stations, the low beams will completely static out the radio.  It is not a wide spread issue, more of a nag, but still something I wanted to address.  Video is here (pardon the Ginuwine, it was Flashback know how it is).

Overall, the build quality is good which is to be expected on a $700 set of lights.  The machining on the backs seems really well done, the lenses have held up very well with no scratches or dings.

I am looking forward to testing these out on the trails and campsites of Summer 2017, but so far I am really impressed and happy with these lights.

**FULL DISCLOSURE: I purchased these lights from Northridge 4×4 when they were on sale, but I paid the full sale amount and was not compensated for this review.

7 thoughts on “Product Review: KC HiLites Gravity PRO LED Headlights”

  1. I just installed these in my 2016 JKU. I had a few issues on fitment, but solved those with a few wraps of tape. The lights are brighter than the stock headlights. However the light pattern on low beam to me is horrible. High beam is full and crisp light. Low beam just seems to be scattered. Did you need to adjust your headlight at all?

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    1. KC sent me some of those snap on rings. I installed them on the harness just outside the headlight. They did nothing to improve my radio reception.


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