Review: Northridge 4×4 [Silverdale]

When it comes to my Jeep, I am really picky as to who gets to touch it.  I do all my own maintenance, and my inner circle of Jeep friends get to wrench on it.  But sometimes you just need to get a gear job done and need to take it to a reputable shop.

Last May, it was time for 4:88s so I took the Jeep to Northridge 4×4 in Silverdale, Washington.

I have had a long relationship with the guys at “NR 4×4” so I fully trusted them to do the job and do it right.

Northridge sits on a picturesque lot with lots of space.

The Showroom

As the gears were being installed, I had a whole day to roam around (much to the chagrin of the counterpeople I am sure I was bugging) their expansive showroom floor.

The place is really well laid out, and immaculate.  They have products and demo items from all the major manufacturers.

The immaculate showroom.

The Shop

Seeing a crew of guys tearing apart my Jeep is never easy.  But the team at Northridge was super competent and they kept finding little things I apparently hadn’t done right on my Jeep which, while unnerving and a dent to my ego, was a huge benefit.

Frank the Tank up on the lift.

While I was in meetings in David’s office, the phone kept ringing when they found something worrisome on the Jeep.  But, again, it proved they knew what they were doing and were going to stand behind their work.

Team Northridge working on the Jeep.

The shop was just that – a shop.  Tools were kept organized, chemicals were where they needed to be, and everyone knew where everything went.

Since the gear install has been completed, I made the required gear oil changes and everything looks perfect.  No issues or problems whatsoever.

It is safe to say the crew at Northridge did a PERFECT job on my Jeep and for that I am super thankful!

Anyone in the PNW (or near any Northridge location) should definitely look at Northridge for their gear installs or any other Jeep work.

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