Restaurant Review: VeganBurg [San Francisco]

When I used to travel to Singapore, I always made sure to stop at VeganBurg – a country-wide vegan burger joint that prided itself on healthy vegan options.

So when I heard their first (and only) US location was in the heart of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury, I knew I needed to go.

While the menu options seemed  little lighter than I remember, the space itself was really nice, clean, and bright.  I ordered the “Cracked Mayo” burger with seaweed fries (not as hippy as they sound, I promise), and Kristin ordered the Smoked Franks with a side of fries. Landen went with the standard – Chicken Tenders.

My burger was more of a chicken type sandwich, but it was super good.  I do wish in hindsight I went with the BBQ burger, but I’ll wait til next time.  The franks were actually really good and were just about the best vegan hot dog I can remember.  Landen’s tenders seemed a lot like Gardein’s recipe (and probably were).

What really impressed me was the space.  Haight-Ashbury can be a little on the seedy side, so it was really cool to see a vegan establishment put away the tie die and patchouli, and go with a bright and clean space.

In addition to the open seating area, there was a really clean and well laid out beverage station.

Overall I was really happy to finally step foot into a US-based VeganBurg!  Now if only they would expand and maybe consider a Portland location!!??

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