Restaurant Review: Green Room Cafe [Singapore]

UPDATE:  Happy Cow is listing this restaurant as CLOSED.  I have not been able to verify that is the case.


Singapore is an incredible city, full of vibrant culture, great food and wicked humidity.  The vegan scene is on par with Portland/Salt Lake/Austin and is full of really unique offerings.

The hawker centers (almost like food carts but stationary) offer more of a local flavor, while vegan chain establishments like Vegan Burg have something a little more reliable.

I was looking for something in the middle on my first visit to SG, and now every time I return it is a must stop.

Happy Cow pointed me to the Green Room Cafe – a small intimate restaurant located on the fringes of Bishan Park.  It has indoor and outdoor seating (I always sit outside) available.

There is just something about the amazing outdoor ambiance here.  Maybe it is because of the tropical atmosphere, or the park, or maybe it’s the mesmerizing sound of birds and insects you don’t recognize.  Whatever it is, I hope you have the chance to sit outside and enjoy a drink and dinner here.

The open, outdoor seating area.

Speaking of drinks, the classic Mojito is one of the best I have had, and is made with all natural ingredients.  It is my staple drink every time I go back.

On my latest visit, I started with the Momotaro Tomato cup, which had a salad of avocado, shallots, abursage,  and brown rice. For main, I had the Vegan Soy Laksa, which is noodles, tofu and (I did not know this at the time) but Indonesian mushrooms.

Momotaro Tomato Cup
The Soy Laksa

Restaurant Review: Fu Hui Ci Yuan vegetarian cultural restaurant [Beijing]

Eating vegan was actually pretty easy in China, and I am not just referring to the suitcase full of Clif bars I had in my hotel room.

The ease of eating in the city was made possible by the Happy Cow app on my mobile that lets me pinpoint vegan (or vegan friendly) locations near me, regardless of where I am.

So I decided to browse HC for a lunch meeting with coworkers, and it led me to Fu Hui Ci Yuan.

The air was pretty polluted on the day we decided to walk down Wanfujing Street to find this spot, but it was a relatively short walk.  I grew slightly uneasy when we turned down a dirty, narrow hutong, as I hoped this place wasn’t a reflection of the area.

Sure enough, I was greeted by a big restaurant facade of concrete and wood, proudly proclaiming “Vegetarian” on the side.  I was comfortable with the veg part, not so much the dirty, gray outside.

But, never judge a book by its cover.

Once inside, we stepped down a few stairs into a large great room surrounded by tea pots and teas for sale.  The room was beautifully laid out and was very clean.

Inside the restaurant.

We all sat at a large table and began to review the expansive menu.

We decided on the following options:

Fried Rice (aka “Man’s Food”)

Turnip Tofu soup

Mock chicken with Bamboo Shoots


Mashed potatoes (I know, totally random)

An eggplant mock eel

Frozen, mashed yam with blueberry drizzle on sliced yaw berry.

The service was phenomenal (typical for my experiences in China) – prompt and courteous.

The price was also reasonable as seven people had this gourmet lunch for around $30 USD.

Not all vegans drive hybrids and wear skinny jeans.

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