Product Review: Silk Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative

While roaming around our local grocery store, something caught my eye – a few Silk brand yogurts in the refrigerated case.

I have never been a huge yogurt fan, but I thought I’d give these a try.

So tonight we cracked them open and gave them a go.

I was surprised to see fruit in the yogurt.

Strawberry:  This was the biggest let down of the whole lot.  Kristin said it tasted like “chapstick,” and after that comparison, I agree.

Blueberry: It was blue, for sure.  But overall, it had a good flavor to it, probably would be best blended in a smoothie or something.

Peach Mango:  This was the winner and we both agreed it tasted awesome and would be the one we probably buy again.  The plan is to toss in some granola and chia seeds for breakfast.

Silk shows six total flavors on their website. In addition to the three outlined above, they have Vanilla, Tropical Pineapple, and Black Cherry.

The blueberry was blue!

Overall, these have live cultures in them like their dairy counterparts, and even have 6 grams of protein per serving.  But I was nervous when on their website, it claimed to be “vegetarian”  A quick google search allayed my fears:

“There are no animal derivatives hidden in any of the ingredients. The lactic acid and live cultures used in Silk soy yogurt come from a vegetable source. “

So, yes – a fully vegan, good-tasting (at least one flavor) yogurt?  Something we plan on getting more of!

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