Alaska Offroad Warriors – Pick Us!

Hello Original Productions!

You are here because you most likely received my email, asking to be  a part of the next Alaska Offroad Warriors.

Chad navigating the Rubicon.
Chad navigating the Rubicon.

So why us?

  1. There is finally a Jeep that can kick Super Jeeps‘ ass.
  2. I am a pesky vegan, and Chad (my copilot) is a ravenous meat eater.  We banter like none other.
  3. I am an ex-Alaskan, and know the state, and unique hazards of the terrain.
  4. We have a lot of offroad experience – from the Rubicon (twice), Moab (twice), Manastash Ridge in Washington, Jim Creek in Alaska, and many, many other expeditions.
Frank will take on Super Jeep.  Any day of the week.
Frank will take on Super Jeep. Any day of the week.

3 thoughts on “Alaska Offroad Warriors – Pick Us!”

  1. I hope they pick you!!! I don’t have tv so I’ve been looking for this show online somewhere & didn’t realize it’s on the history channel, so THANK YOU for posting this! Hopefully I can stream it 😀


    1. Hopefully it’s broadcasts in Canada… sometimes I’m blocked from shows originating in the US.. but I’ll certainly try! I’ve heard it’s a great, fun show 😀


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