Product Review: Rampage Products’ Jerry Can Toolbox

It is critical that on trail runs you bring ample tools with you.

On our recent trip to Moab, a brake caliper bolt somehow wiggled free, causing my caliper to slide down and grind along the inside of the rim.

Luckily I had my tools with me, and I fixed it in about 10 minutes.

But having a huge, noisy toolbox in the back of the Jeep also leaves a lot to be desired.  So what is the best storage option for tools on the trail?

Is it a gas can or a tool box!?

I believe it is the Rampage Jerry Can tool box.

This tool box is cleverly disguised as a traditional, red Jerry Can (used typically to transport additional fuel).  This has two benefits:

1. The tool box will fit in any standard Jerry Can mount;

2. Thieves will be less likely to steal a box of tools (possibly worth hundreds or thousands of dollars) as it looks like a can of gas.

The lock is very well made and is strong.

There is a locking latch and plenty of places to snake a cable lock through which will only boost the security.

The tool box, full of tools.

The tool box is basic, but that is just fine.  It has two large drawers with rubber lining on the bottom and felt “guides” to keep everything firm when closed.

The swing out door has provisions for 4 screwdrivers, but the set I have (from Kobalt) have handles that are too tall and thick to work.  So shop carefully when selecting screwdrivers for this spot.

Screwed: Shop for screwdrivers that will fit.

On the top is a small pull out tool tray with a handle.

Aside from the screwdriver spots being a little small, the only other negative about this box is that it is not water tight.  With a little sealing, keeping the rain and dust out (and the rust) would be awesome.  But that does not detract from this tool box.

The pull out tool tray makes working on the Jeep a snap.

This is a very well made, heavy duty tool box that I will be mounting on my exped trailer for many many journeys to come!

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