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Product Install: J.W. Speaker LED Fog Lights for JK

UPDATE: March 05, 2014:  Received this email from Northridge: “I talked to JW Speaker on the lights and they say that is well within the acceptable limits of moisture inside the light. As soon as the weather levels out and warms up a little you should see that dissipate. Keep an eye on it and let me know if it gets worse but at this point there is nothing to worry about.”

UPDATE: February 26, 2014:  I recently noticed condensation inside my fog lights. I will be contacting JW Speaker to learn about the cause and a resolution and will update this blog post.

NOTE: This install is specifically for installation of the J.W. Speaker LED fog lights into the Warn Elite Stubby front bumper.

Santa arrived a little late this year, but he brought me a beautiful set of J.W. Speaker LED fog lights (model 6145).  My Trucklite headlights put out a crisp LED light, but the OEM fogs were not cutting it and had to go.

Install Notes:

You may want to just remove the entire bumper to make this easier.  I was working by myself and, being lazy did not want to remove the winch.  That being said, I also did not want to remove and reattach a bumper AND winch on my own.  These notes do not cover bumper removal, just adjustments so the install can happen on an installed bumper.

I am also really surprised that such a premium product comes with ZERO instructions.  If these were truly plug and play, I could understand.  However, I had to drill, cut, splice, etc.  Very surprising.

1.  Lay out all parts and ensure you have everything needed.  The following tools will also come in real handy:

  • Work light
  • Magnetic tool retriever
  • Vise grips
  • Drill (w/ 1/4″ bit)
  • Wrenches and sockets (w/extensions)
  • Electrical tape
  • Zip Ties (large)
  • Butt connectors (optional) but recommended)
  • Heat shrink tubing  (optional)
  • Heat gun (optional)
  • Beer (this is a surprisingly frustrating install)

2. Remove the two wire adapters from the back of the OEM lights.

3. Remove the 8 (4 per side) bolts fastening the bumper to the frame end.

4. Remove the driver side frame tie in bolt and flag nut (requires a 24mm socket).

5. Prop the bumper for safety using jack stands.

6. Pull the driver side bumper end away from the frame as far as it will go.  Do not force it.  Only the passenger side frame tie in is holding the bumper.

7.  Remove the single nut holding the driver side light bracket to the bumper.

8. Once removed, the bracket assembly should look like this:

9.  Using a socket and wrench, remove the OEM light from the bracket.

10.  Install the J.W. Speaker light into the bracket using the two top holes in the bracket.  Ensure the script in the lens is oriented correctly.  Note the bottom holes will not accept the Warn bolts.

11.  Drill out the bottom two holes in the J.W. Speaker light bracket (plastic) using a 1/4″ bit.

12. Continue to install using the two remaining bolts/nuts in the bottom two positions on the bracket.  Completed assembly should look like the below:

13.  Install the bracket into the bumper location and hand tighten the bolt.  This is a fitment test.

14.  Tighten the bolt with a wrench and socket.  Note: Lay a socket at the base of the bracket to prevent the bracket from pivoting forward when tightening.

15. Perform steps 7-14 on the passenger side.

16.  Peel back factory wire loom and tape from the OEM light adapter. Cut the two wires about 2″ from the adapter.  Remove insulation for a clean install.

17.  Cut an appropriate length of heat shrink tubing and place above the butt connector.  Using the butt connector, connect the black wire from the Jeep’s harness to the JW Speaker harness.  Do the same for the red and white/yellow (may change).

Ensure the shrink tubing is above the splice before crimping.

18. Perform a light test.

19.  Prepare the wiring for heat.

20. Apply heat evenly to properly adhere the shrink tubing.

21. While the driver side is cooling, perform steps 16 – 20 on the passenger side.

22.  Reusing OEM wiring loom, enforce the connections with electrical tape and loom as desired.  Do same for passenger side.

23.  Tuck the wiring inside the frame crossmember and zip tie in place to reduce movement and the chance of catching on material on the trail.

24. Perform a final test.

Product Review: Warn Synthetic Winching Gloves

As a vegan jeeper, there are some things that are just damn near impossible to find that are both animal free, and of good quality.

The vegan community often calls this conundrum “accidentally vegan,” which means they are vegan not out of principle, but because they are cheap.

These gloves are not accidentally vegan, nor are they cheap. They are a valuable item in my trail bag, and I am even ordering additional pairs just to keep on hand (no pun intended).

I trust Warn gear for recovery.

When using steel winch lines, these gloves help protect against steel barbs that can pierce your hand and really cause trouble when out on the trails.  Even with synthetic lines, these reduce the chance of friction burns, and can make handling the lines easier and safer. Continue reading Product Review: Warn Synthetic Winching Gloves