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Are Vegans Ready?

As the man handed me the Uzi, I slid the magazine into the well, charged the handle, raised the weapon and took it off safe.  I aimed at the target and slowly pulled the trigger. I fired.  Again.  And again. And again.

Me firing said Uzi. Photo (c) Zachary Hill.

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The US Doesn’t Need New Gun Policy

NOTE: In a recent poll where I asked my readers what type of content they would like to see on this blog, a handful asked for more personal opinion pieces.  This is my first in this series.

Sometimes I like Bill Maher.  Emphasis on sometimes.  He tends to have anger at a time when I need some sort of angry consolation prize.  But on a recent show, he and his guests were discussing how America needs to completely redo gun policy and implement tough new controls.  But Bill Maher has never really been a fan of gun rights.

It made me realize how far off the liberal, anti-gun agenda is (and I consider myself pretty liberal so this is not a jab).

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Product Review & Install: Bestop Under Seat Locker

It goes without saying that us Jeep owners are a pretty easy target when it comes to burglars.  In the winter, most of us run a fabric top that can easily be cut, and in the summer with tops and doors removed, we make it even easier.

I have had my eye on Bestop’s Underseat Storage box for quite some time, but was confused as some retailers said it would fit in my 2013 Unlimited, and others said it would not work with fold and tumble.  So today I purchased one and installed it.

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