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What are your Vegan Sins?

I like to think that as a vegan, my life is totally animal-free.  But sometimes it just comes down to making the best decision at any given moment.

I will NEVER eat meat (at least not deliberately) but, sometimes I cheat on the other stuff.

Bless me, vegan world for I have sinned.  It will soon be zero days since my last confession:

  1. Leather shoes.  This is a biggie for me.  I hate ordering shoes (usually work shoes or for hiking) online, so I want to try them on.  Most shoes I see have at least a small degree of leather on them, and Portland does not have much for men’s vegan shoes and boots.
  2. Toothpaste. I just can’t bring myself to using the chamomile-agave-cornstarch hippy toothpastes.  So, I grudgingly use Crest.  Melanie always claims I am using the one that “gets rubbed in baby bunnies’ eyes.”  So that helps.
  3. Papa John’s Pizza.  I am not sure if this is an annual thing or maybe even once every two years (is that bi-annual? I always mess that shit up).  But as infrequent as that may be, something inside me just breaks and I need a cheese pizza from these ass clowns once every two years.

What are YOUR vegan sins?

Please share yours in the comments.  You’ll feel better, trust me.