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Product Review: Jeep’s Badge of Honor Program

UPDATE 3/25/2015: Jeep has been in contact with me (per the comments) regarding changes and fixes they have been making on this program.  I downloaded the new version from Google Play this week, and so far the app looks like a total redesign and it seems nice.  Time will tell when I attempt trail logins and other activities on the site, if I decide to give this another shot (I did notice my previous achievements are still missing in the big browser version).  Check back here and I will update my review!

I suppose by the featured image you can guess what I think about Jeep’s “Badge of Honor” program.

In principle, it’s brilliant.  The program has Jeep owners create a profile (linked to their Jeep’s VIN) and perform certain tasks to rank up among fellow Jeep owners.

A well-branded, well-intended failure.
A well-branded, well-intended failure.

If you upload a photo from the trail you get 15 points, you can give a virtual Jeep wave for 5, or comment on a thread for 5 points.  You also get 10 points for each day you log into the system. But the real points come rolling in when you check in at a trail for some Jeeping with a whopping 200 points per check in. Continue reading Product Review: Jeep’s Badge of Honor Program