Restaurant Review: Araya’s Vegetarian Place [Bellevue]

Bellevue has a surprising number of vegan-friendly places, and when all goes South you can always count on Whole Foods.

But there is a certain “must go” spot on the map that beckons from afar:  Araya’s Vegetarian Place.

This sign beckons people all the way from Portland!

I have only been there for lunch (but on many occasions) and the lunch buffet is absolutely amazing.

One of the most beautiful things at Araya’s (besides the awesome decor) is the massive, always-full tub o’ Pad Thai.  It is piping hot, perfectly flavored, and you NEVER have to worry about fish sauce!

The Pad Thai is deelish.

The egg(free) rolls are the bomb, their rices are always fresh and deelish.  The salad bar, while I never tried it, looks awesome as well.

Endless supply of Egg Rolls!

The service there is mild (it is a buffet after all) but super friendly and accommodating.

The inside is cozy and clean.

The only down side is the parking situation.  At lunch time, the tiny parking lots on each side of the building will be full, which leaves you parking across the way and crossing a very busy street.  But that is my only qualm.

The Salad Bar

Next time you are in Bellevue, be sure to hit up Araya’s!

In the meantime, how about more food porn!?

Rice and veggies on the bar.
More veggies and food!

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